Awards 2015

within the framework of St. Petersburg Technical Fair on March 25 – 27 2015
Belarusian State University

GOLD – 11

  1. 9-channel hybrid matrix temperature-controlled optical pickup for
      recording pulsed light signals over a wide dynamic intensities range
  2. BACTERIA VIABILITY METER based on biochips
  3. Automated equipment for dosing, mixing and application of sealants
      and compounds in the manufacture of electrical products for electric
               4. Conservation technological equipment for the application of polyurethane adhesives in the production of a new generation of building
               5. Videospectral system VSS for space experiments aboard the Russian segment of the International Space Station
               6. X-ray microscope with an objective in the form of a multi-element refractive X-ray lens
               7. Pharmaceutical substance Temozolomide and antineoplastic drugs Temobel and Temodeks for oral ingestion and local chemotherapy of
                   brain tumors
               8. Technology for processing of correctors of organoleptic and physicochemical properties of an alcohol, pastry and bakery products
               9. Multifunctional heat-resistant composite materials based phosphate binders
              10. Programmable power supply of 1-15 kW power with a digital remote control system
              11. Technological process for production of the drug based on phosphocreatine

                                                                        SILVER – 6

  1. Laser video-microspectrometric complex (VMSK) for analyzing characteristics of spatially complex objects
  2. The composition for oral gut lavage "Forvaks"
  3. Biospecific marks for protection of documents, securities and banknotes
  4. Complex enrichment mixtures for production of functional foods of the "Dolgolet" Series for elderly people, a complex
      enrichment mixture "Daŭhalieccie-18" (“LONGEVITY-18) and food products based on them
                 5. The new generation of disinfectants for food industry, agriculture and utilities
                 6. GENEEXPRESSIONANALYSER software for design and analysis of the DNA microchips data


  1. Series of restorative beverages for schoolchildren and students "Zimnaya Skazka", "Leto krasnoe", "SokoVit", kvass "Klasny"
  2. Complex microbial drug ŽYCIEN to accelerate stubble and straw decomposition
  3. Functional enrichment supplements for bakery, pastry and macaroni products for improvement of preschool and school-aged
      children’s nutrition

The 22st International Forum on Telecommunications, Information and Banking Technologies TIBO- 2015
Minsk, Republic of Belarus, April 22-25

Website “Abiturient developed by experts of the BSU Media Center won the annual internet “TIBO award. The university project was recognized as the best internet resource in the nomination for the Education and Science and shared the 1st place with the site “Electronic school journals and record books. School portal in Belarus".
The organizing committee of the exhibition and the congress “TIBO-2015 gave Special Diplomas to three developments of the Belarusian State University:
1. For the development and implementation of the BSU electronic services system;
2. For the development of an orbital nanosatellite and a system of receiving and processing of information from educational spacecrafts;
3. For the development of training and testing programs for reserve officers and junior commanders.

The results of the International Competition “Energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies and equipments within the framework the Belarusian Industrial Forum on May 12-15 2015
Belarusian State University

“Energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies in industry, energetics, construction, municipal services and housing and communal services

Easily utilizable lignin sorbent for oil and oil products Lignosorb. Production technology

Universal, high-performance, resource-saving technology of ultrapure chelates of transition metal


The International Food Industry Exhibition «World Food Azerbaijan»
Baku, Azerbaijan, May 21-23

For professional demonstration of R&D products in the field of food and agriculture, as well as for active participation in the work of the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus in Baku, the General Directorate of Science of the Belarusian State University was awarded a diploma.

During the exhibition the University delegation has held more than 40 talks with representatives of various commercial companies and signed 4 Agreements of Intention with Azerbaijan companies in the following fields:
• sorbents and disinfectants production
• drip irrigation efficiency improvement