Sorbent on the basis of titanium phosphate for heavy metals ions removal from solutions of complex composition - Sorbent FT

The product is intended for removal of micro quantities of heavy metals ions and ammonia nitrogen from solutions of complex composition, including background ions of the rigidity, greatly (2-3 orders more) exceeding the concentration of target components.

  • The product is made in accordance with an original technology, has better sorption characteristics in comparison with other analogues, kinetics of ionic exchange, selectivity of absorption of target components.
  • Is issued in a convenient for practical application form.
  • The technology of titanium phosphate generation allows lowering the temperature of titanium dissolution from 400 up to 105 degrees centigrade and phosphoric acid concentration from 80 to 20 %.

Drinking water purification of heavy metals ions; removal of calcium salts and iron from wine; sorption of ammonia vapor from gaseous medium

Foreign analogues
There are analogues in the Russian Federation, in Ukraine, in the USA, England, France, Italy, Japan (small-scale manufacture). Our sorbents are characterized by simplicity of production, cheapness (are produced from waste products of titanium metal manufacture), better sorption characteristics, convenient form for practical application (in the form of granules, fibre, ceramic-metal membranes, etc.)

Key words
Inorganic sorbents; sorption; drinking water; heavy metals

Condition of production
Made to order

Copyright protection
TU RB (technical specifications) 37405364.001-97. The patent is being taken out at the moment