Lignin sorbent - LIGNOSORB

Sorbent for oil and oil products is used in emergencies to liquidate of oil and oil-products spills on the water and land surface , to purify surface and waste waters from saturated oil and oil products.
The sorbent « Lygnosorb» is made in the form of homogeneous dark-brown hydrophobized powder from bulk wastes of hydrolysis production– lignin hydrolyzed.
Granulametric, mm 0,4-0,8
Bulk density, кг/м 3 200-350
Water content, % Not more than 30
Oil-absorption capacity , % 100 – 500( at 18 o C )
Floatation ability in oil-saturated state Not more than 5 days

  • Unlike other natural sorbents , for example, on the basis of moss and peat «Lessorb» and «Ekotorf» requires no additional expenses on prospecting and transportation .
  • The product has no sailing capacity when applied to oil spot and does not float together with oil
  • Transfers liquid oil and oil products into a solid high-calorie fuel
  • Ministry of Emergencies
  • Ecology
  • chemical industry
  • food industry
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