Cartridge filters on the basis of film-fabric materials

Clearing of artesian and surface water, additional cleaning of cold and hot tap water, various technological solutions, domestic and industrial sewage of sand, mechanical impurities, ferrous salts, heavy metals, chlororganic compounds and other pollutions

  • A unique combination extremely high efficiency (1-100 cub. meters/h)
  • High filtering ability (1-10 micrometers)
  • Subminiature size (90х120х mm-800х800 mm) in repeatedly recycled N°TECHMA-filters
  • Long operation time before limiting pollution - from 1 month up to 1 year
  • Simplicity in service
  • Opportunity for creation of small-sized high-efficiency filters of various types and sizes

Installation of filters on the pipe at the entrance of running water into the block of flats, apartment, cottage, hospital, kindergarten, restaurant, before the devices of cold and hot water consumption registration, at the water - purifying stations, in medical, chemical, food and electronic industries, in heat supply systems, at the stations of technological solutions regeneration, waste water purification

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TU RB (technical specifications) 05568283.002-96. Certificate of hygienic registration