Cable insulation fire-retarding composition PENOTERM-К

It serves as a high efficiency fireproof coating for cable insulation which becomes active under the impact of heat. The developed original composition is deposited in 2-3 movements until at least 0,6 mm coating source layer is formed. Under the influence of high temperature the coating is transformed into a thick multi-centimeter heat insulating layer.

Composition physicochemical parameters:
source material visual appearance light-grey intimate past
density at temperature 20±1 °С, g/cm³ 1,35 ± 0,1
solid substances mass fraction, not more than, % 70
pH value 6–7
Сomposition operational properties:  
class of hazard medium hazardous substances with low smoke-forming capacity
composition operative temperature, °С 100
composition consumption, kg/m² 1,4
dried coating width, mm 0,6
good adhesion to polyvinylchloride , step 1
keeping time (hermetically sealed container at temperature from +1 to 40 °С), years 1
coating service life on cables in unheated spaces
(temperature range varies from –30 до + 50 ° С, no chemically-hostile environments),
at least 12

  • cables with maximal volume of combustible material protected with the composition combustion restraint in real fire condition
  • home analogues are unavailable
  • nonwaste technology
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