Fire-extinguishing agent for peat fires extinguishing TOFASIL


Extinguishing and localization of peat fires in districts with deficiency of water and/or difficulty of its delivery to the fire source


Physical and chemical parameters:
  • Form - paste like weight from white up to grey color
  • Density of a 6% solution at 20 degrees centigrade, g/cubic sm. - 1,2-1,3
  • Level of hydrogen ions concentration (pH) of a 6% solution - 5-7
Operational characteristics:
  • Does not contain toxic and ecologically dangerous substances, has low corrosion activity (at a level of tap water);
  • Keeps its operating ability during a long period of storage (not less than three years);
  • Consumption of 6% solution to extinguish 1 sq.m. of peat fire with depth of a burn-out up to 15 sm is about 40 l/sq.m.;
  • Has high moistening ability of the dried peat;
  • Consumption of 6% solution to extinguish 1 sq.m. of peat fire with depth of a burn-out from 15 up to 30 sm is about 80 l/sq.m.
  • Consumption of the agent to extinguish peat fires is tens times less in comparison with water and water with wetting liquids;
  • After application of the agent repeated ignition of fuel is excluded as a result of reduction of the residual smoldering sources;
  • Due to high sorption abilities of the agent to radionuclides, the probability of radioactive products of combustion transportation with wind streams to clean territories is sharply reduced;
  • Does not represent danger for forest ecosystem;
  • Has no application analogues among other agents for extinguishing and localization of peat fires.

Extinguishing of peat, wood, fuel, flax, straw, fibrous materials, rubber products, man-caused and household fires with the use of pulse devices

Foreign analogues
Has no analogues

Key words
Effective extinguisher of smoldering materials burning

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Patent application is sent in 1999, TU (technical specifications) RB 100050710.044-2002

The diploma and the bronze medal at IV Moskovsky international exhibition of innovations and investments, 2004, Russia.