Fire-extinguishing agents

Cable insulation fire-retarding composition PENOTERM-К

It serves as a high efficiency fireproof coating for cable insulation which becomes active under the impact of heat. The developed original composition is deposited in 2-3 movements until at least 0,6 mm coating source layer is formed. Under the influence of high temperature the coating is transformed into a thick multi-centimeter heat insulating layer.


Fire-extinguishing agent for peat fires extinguishing TOFASIL

Fire-extinguishing agent was developed for extinguishing and localization of peat fires in districts with deficiency of water and/or difficulty of its delivery to the fire source. It does not contain toxic and ecologically dangerous substances, has low corrosion activity. Does not represent danger for forest ecosystem.


Weatherproof agent for Forest fires prevention and extinguishing - METAFOSIL

The agent was developed for making forest shelter and protecting belts, localization and suppression of fires in large forests, fire protection of wood and other materials on its basis.


Fire-resistant polyether non-woven fabric

Novel composite fire-protective composition with gluing effect which is used in the technology to obtain fire-resistant polyether non-woven fabric.


Weatherproof complex action agent for localization and extinguishing of forest and peat fires COMPLEXIL

Agent COMPLEXIL was designed for preventive use against fires in forests. It is also used for localization and suppression of forest and peat fires.