Polyurethane foam heat-insulating manufactures


Polyurethane foam heat-insulating manufactures (PUF) are used to insulate gas and oil lines,
  hot and cold water pipelines, chemical and petrochemical utility networks , tanks, reservoirs ,
  capacities and other industrial objects , cryogen and refrigerator engineering against heat within
  the temperature range from -250°С to +160°С. The application of combined heat insulating
  construction from mineral cotton and polyurethane foam enables to use it at the objects with the
  temperature approaching 250°С.

  • Polyurethane foam heat-insulating manufactures are made in the form of semicylinders,
  • T-pipes,
  • offsets,
  • prefabricated constructions to insulate stop valves,
  • plates and other manufactures against heat under the customer’s technical requirements.

  • In its thermal-physical service properties polyurethane foam manufactures considerably leave behind those of conventional heat insulating constructional materials
  • PUF conductivity factor is 2-3 lower than that of mineral cotton and 6 times as low as foamed concrete
  • Calculations under SNiP 11-3-79 "Construction thermo technique " (issue 1995 taking into account variation N3) and SNiP 2.04.14-88 “Heat insulation of equipment and pipelines" (with variation N1 11.03.95) show that 10mm thick PUF layer is equivalent to 140 mm of brick laying, 30 mm of mineral cotton
  • PUF –insulation possesses good water-weather resistance , is environmentally friendly and corresponds to the requirements of sanitary and fire protection norms
  • PUF –insulation guaranteed service life makes 25-30 years
  • PUF manufactures are non-toxic and can be applied in inhabited and communal buildings in accordance with the permission of Ministry of Health Protection of Belarus and Russian Federation. PUF systems have hygienic certificates.
Rigid polyurethane foams mechanical-and-physical properties
Apparent density, kg/m³ 30-100
Compression breakdown strength, mPA 0,15-1,4
Ultimate flexural strength , mPA 0,2-1,9
Conductivity factor, Wt/m*К 0,020-0,035
Water uptake за 7 days., % rev. Not more than 3,0
  • Automobile branch
  • Furniture industry
  • Municipal engineering
  • Aircraft industry, etc.
  • Heat insulating manufactures production (semi cylinders, offsets, segments)

Industrial production