Electromagnetic waves absorber - TORA

The production represents dielectric radio absorbing material of pyramidal type in the form of panels made of elastic polyurethane with carbon filler and is intended for covering walls of anechoic chambers, equipping the workplaces for parameters of aerials measurement

Factor of reflection at normal incidence on a working surface, decibel:
Frequency of GHz 0,5 1,5 3 6 10 37,5
TORA-39 -25 -35 -40 -45 -50 -50
TORA-25   -30 -35 -40 -45 -50
TORA-9     -20 -30 -40 -45

  ТОRА-39 ТОRА-25 ТОRА-9
Overall dimensions of the panel, mm 450х450 480х480 490х490
Height of the panel, mm 390 250 90
Height of pyramids, mm 310 190 75
Number of pyramids on the panel, p. 16(4х4) 36(6х6) 225(15х15)
Weight of the panel, kg no more than 2,4 1,8 0,7

Operating conditions:
Air temperature from 5 up to 45 degrees centigrade
Relative humidity from 30 up to 90 % at 25 degrees centigrade
Service life 10 years
Panel color blue
  • Meets all sanitary-and-hygienic requirements.
Radio electronics, scientific development, double purpose

Foreign analogues
Firm "EMERSON and CUMIN ", "ETS-Lindgren", the USA

Key words
Absorber of electromagnetic waves

Condition of production
Small-scale manufacture; made to order

Maintenance documents
Technological documentation

Copyright protection
TU (technical specifications) RB 100020914,029-2001, technological passport, sanitary-and-hygienic conclusion of Ministry of Health of the RB

Has no analogues in the Republic of Belarus. See also: www.niipfp.narod.ru