Insulating materials

Electromagnetic waves absorber - TORA

TORA represents dielectric radio absorbing material of pyramidal type in the form of panels made of elastic polyurethane with carbon filler and is intended for covering walls of anechoic chambers, equipping the workplaces for parameters of aerials measurement.


Polyurethane foam heat-insulating manufactures

Polyurethane foam heat-insulating manufactures (PUF) are used to insulate gas and oil lines, hot and cold water pipelines, chemical and petrochemical utility networks , tanks, reservoirs , capacities and other industrial objects , cryogen and refrigerator engineering against heat within the temperature range from -250°С to +160°С. The application of combined heat insulating construction from mineral cotton and polyurethane foam enables to use it at the objects with the temperature approaching 250°С.


Radio-absorbing materials

Electromagnetic compatibility and protection against electromagnetic radiation in a wide frequency range