Thermo-resistant glue products and materials on their basis

Development and production of heat-resistant materials based on phosphate adhesive compositions.

The use of phosphate adhesive compositions allowed to created a wide range of heat-resistant materials with operating temperatures up to 1700 ° C.
These materials include:
• heat-insulating and fireproof coatings;
• adhesive compositions for gluing of metals, ceramics, glass, wood, graphite;
• fireproof materials such as lining, concrete, cement, masonry and repair mortar;
• composite materials, including textolites;
• nonfired ceramics;
                                                             • paint;
                                                             • compounds.

Production technology

The specific area of application, conditions of their use, the attainment of certain physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics are determined by the composition and the ratio of the main components (binder and filler). Thus depending on the filler it may be radio-transparent or radio-absorbing materials, dielectrics or conductors, thermally conductive or insulating materials, materials for ionizing radiation protection.
Some of the developed compositions are used successfully in the units of the space-rocket system "Energiya-Buran".

Characteristics of the heat-resistant materials

Max operating temperature, °С 1700
Hardening temperature, °С 20 - 300
Linear temperature expansion coefficient, K-1 1/9.10-6
Thermal conductivity, W/m K 0.2 - 1
Dielectric permeability at the frequency of 1010 Hz 3-5
Dielectric dissipation factor at the frequency of 1010 Hz 1•10-1 - 5•10-3
Electric strength, kW/mm 1.5 - 3
Resistivity at 20 °С, О•m 108-1012
Ultimate compression strength, MPa up to 300
Tear-off ultimate strength, MPa up to 10
Acidity of a binder, рh 1.0 - 2.5
Volume weight (density), g/cm3 0.4 - 3
Apparent porosity (open), % 10 - 60

The materials differ from the known analogues by lower hardening temperatures (up to the room temperature), high adhesion with ceramics, metals, glass and wood. They are waterproof, resistant to aggressive media, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Production of the materials is non-waste, does not require any sophisticated equipment and can be organized at any building enterprise.


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Metallurgy, construction, rocket construction, dual purpose, industry

Commercial offer
  • Sale of technology
  • Sale of production licenses
  • Sale of small lots of heat-resistant materials