Luminescent mark for securities with hidden degrees of protection and devices for its rapid identification

                             Fig. 4                                                                                                                                     Fig. 5

The luminescent mark is a high-level protective means, based on a new generation of luminescent fibers with significantly complicated luminescence characteristics. Reproduction (forgery) of the fibers is extremely difficult and unlikely.


Fluorescent mark for securities with hidden degrees of protection is a polymer fiber fragments with length of 5mm and thickness of 35-40 µm (Fig. 1). Luminescent fibers are composed of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containing a specially designed composition of fluorescence dyes.
Characteristics of fibers as a protective means are significantly increased due to the fact that the luminescence color of the fibers changes during observation via simple optical devices.

R&D Protection: Eurasian patent № 010008 from 02.04.2007 “Method of protection and identification of documents.

Rapid examination of the authenticity of luminescent krypto-marks is carried out using specially designed microscopes (Fig. 2, 3):

► Portable polarizing microscope PPLM-01-03. In the microscopic field there is a stationary image of fiber with its fluorescent glow. The microscope is used as a control device in production of luminescent marks with polarization colour selection and for identification of documents and securities protected with these marks. Also, the device may be used for other purposes, in particular for search and identification of different luminescent marks of visible range with various polarization orientations on protected documents and securities.

The microscope PPLM-01-03 can be equipped with a special adapter of variable magnification for installation of compact cameras on the eyepiece tube to observe the object on the screen of a video-monitoring device.


► Portable polarizing microscope PPLM-02-05 - is a modification of the microscope PPLM-01-03. Microscope-PPLM 02-05 visualizes security protection elements of any object, such as paper (Fig. 4, 5), which contains at least one photo-luminescent mark, characterized by a linearly polarized absorption or linearly polarized luminescence.

Both devices for identification of the authenticity of protective fibers were designed according to the scheme of an ordinary upright microscope used for the work with reflected light with a slight increase ~10х. The microscopes can be supplied with removable ocular attachments. The barrels of the attachments contain various polarizers which provide reception in of a split picture of the observed object in the field of view in mutually perpendicular polarisations. Microscope illumination device is intended for stimulation of luminescence of the labels.


The technology can be used for ensuring of state safety while of securities examination by corresponding enterprises and agencies.