Fuel pellets for pellet boilers for industrial and domestic use



See also: Facility for the production of pellets from biomass


To get a multicomponent composite propellant solid biofuel in the form of fuel pellets from crop and wood wastes for burning in boilers to produce heat and electricity.


Physicochemical characteristics of fuel pellets from plant biomass:

appearance, color cylindrical pellets from light yellow to dark brown
granules diameter, mm 6-20
granules length, mm 6-30
bulk density, kg/m3 not less than 450
moisture content,% not more than 18
ash content,% not more than 6
sulfur mass fraction of,% not more than 1
upper heating value, MJ / kg at least 15

  • multicomponent character fuel pellets makes it possible to vary its physical and chemical parameters;
  • feedstock - plant and wood wastes;
  • fuel pellets outperform traditional fuels (coal, peat, etc.) in a number of environmental characteristics;
  • ash can be used as fertilizer.
  • Heat power engineering, agriculture

Sale of fuel pellets. Sale of the technology. Joint production

See, Facility for the production of pellets from biomass