Detergent for cleaning of technological equipment


The detergent is used to remove protein, fat and other nonpersistent contaminants from the surface of technological equipment, milking machines, milk pipelines, etc. It is used for circulation washing (CIP or SIP-washing) and other washing-cleaning technological processes.


Alkaline concentrated water-based detergent with reduced foam-formation and high cleaning capacity. Unlike powdery detergents, it does not become compressed and is sustainable against high humidity and temperature fluctuations during storage. The detergent is dispensed easily and does not cause corrosion of the equipment. It is handy for transportation and storage.
Composition: surfactants, sodium metasilicate, carbamide, water.

Use instruction: the detergent should be diluted with potable water to a concentration of 0.5-1.0%.

  • Food industry
  • Livestock farming
  • Agriculture

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Invention patent BY 20790 2017.02.28

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