Biospecific marks for protection of document forms, securities and banknotes


Biospecific marks are used to mark banknotes, securities and document forms to protect them. A biospecific mark is a chemically resistant yellow dye that maintains its properties on paper for at least 10 years. The mark can be detected repeatedly, as the dye used remains on paper.


At present, to apply marks on banknotes (document forms and other securities) a fluorescent fatty pencil is used. However, this method of applying, revealing and removing of the marks without damaging of the material is very labor-consuming. Biospecific marks, on the contrary, are easily applied (in a typographical way), revealed and removed. The main advantage of this type of marks is creation of 3 levels of protection:
  • The first level of protection is the yellow dye of the mark that indicates that the document belongs to a legal entity.
  • The second level of protection is revealed after biospecific interaction of the yellow dye with a biopolymer, when their complex acquires an orange color.
  • The third level of protection consists in displacement of the yellow dye from the complex due to its interaction with a chemical ligand which displaces the yellow dye. Meanwhile, the mark acquires the original yellow color. This level of protection is used by the Department of State Marks (Goznak) of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus to confirm the printing house that produced the document forms and securities.
The novelty of the development is the use of the phenomenon of highly specific interaction of chemical ligands with a biopolymer. This biospecific interaction can not be counterfeited.

R&D Protection

Biospecific marks have a know-how protection. As the result of the research the "Pilot-industrial regulations for obtaining of a set of reagents for detection of biospecific marks applied on paper in a typographical way" were developed
(ОПР ФДБИ 050-2009)

  • Ministry of Finance
  • Department of State Marks (Goznak)
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs
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