Criminalistic examination fingerprint developers DACTI -1

Visualization of fingerprints on moist, greasy and tacky surfaces when carrying out criminalistic examination:
«DACTI -1» is a black developer to detect fingerprints on light surfaces;

Field of application
Black developer DACTY-1 makes it possible to develop latent fingerprints (traces of hands) on light-coloured wet, greasy and adhesive surfaces while carrying out criminalistic examinations. It is recommended to use DACTY-1 for visualization of the fingerprints (traces) left by dry or greasy hands on dry, wet or greasy ceramic, metal, glass and polymeric surfaces. Besides that, developer DACTY-1 can be used for visualization of fingerprints (traces of hands) on various adhesive surfaces (tape such as "scotch tape", paper with sticky covering, medical plaster, labels, etc.). DACTY-1 is used without any special preliminary surface treatment or its drying.


Requires no surface prearrangement and its drying

Range of application
Criminal investigation technique

Forms of cooperation
Delivery of the product

TOR RB 100050710.045-2001
TOR RB 100050710.051-2002