Molds and formworks lubricants for forming monolithic and precast concrete MIXBIOFORM


  The lubricants are designed for application on molds and formwork surfaces for forming
  monolithic and precast concrete to reduce the concrete adhesion to molds and formworks
  material and provide a qualitative striking.


  The product is based on rape processing products, environmentally safe, harmless to
  humans and biodegradable.

  Lubricants for forming a monolithic and precast concrete provide:
• obtaining the finished concrete product with high quality surface (A2-A3 concrete category);
• reducing of the adhesion of concrete to the molds and formwork material by 99 %;
• high retention of the lubricant on vertical surfaces of the molds and formworks;
• absence of concrete traces on formworks and molds;
• absence of corrosion of concrete and molds and formworks material;
• the possibility of mechanization of the lubricants application.
• Operating temperature range from -10 to +35 °C, which allows operating in winter;
• specific consumption - 20-50 g/m2

Lubricants for manufacturing of autoclaved cellular concrete provide:
• high adhesion to steel molds;
• operability in saturated steam conditions at a pressure of 10 atm. and at a temperature of 200˚C;
• absence of electrically charged particles which impede electrical precipitator work in the exhaust ventilation system.

Patent 14640 from 29.12.2009


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