Corrosion-proof agent (rustconverter) - SUPERANTICOR

The product is intended for corrosion-affected steel surfaces treatment

As a result of the agent influence there is a transformation of rust into salts of phosphoric acid and formation of a protective phosphate film of dark grey color consisting of phosphates of iron and zinc with a thickness (surface density) from 2,0 up to 5,0 г/sq.m. on the surface of a product.
The temperature of processing is not lower than 5 degrees centigrade. Corrosion-proof agent is applied as temporal protection before drawing of paint and varnish coverings

In routine repair of machines, mechanisms, metallic constructions with the purpose of prolongation of their service life

Foreign analogues
Analogues in the Russian Federation (firm "НСТ"), NATEP LTd, Moscow; Public Corporation "Chemist", Luga). The USA (firm "Gunk"). Germany (firm “Corambo Chemi), Sweden (firm "Oxidol"). Advantage of our rust converter is its ability to simultaneously transform rust and phosphatize metal surface, it does not demand washing-off before painting and is characterized by low price (at 5-10 times less)

Key words
Rust converter; phosphatizing metal surfaces; protective ability; anticorrosive covering

Condition of production
Small-scale manufacture

Maintenance documents
TU RB (technical specifications)