Antifriction and anti-wear additive for motor oils - NIKMA

Purpose and filed of application
NIKMA is recommended for application in diesel and carburettor internal combustion engines, compressors, hydraulic boosters, pumps, reducers, bearings. It is the most expedient to apply it in the worn out and heavily worn out units and devices. Anti-friction and anti-wear additive for motor oils NIKMA has passed all complex of tests: laboratory, bench and operating. It is allowed for manufacture by the Ministry of Health Care of RB. It is registered by the Committee on standardization, metrology and certification of RB.

Beneficial characteristics:
Application of additive "NIKMA" in motor oil:
  • increases compression of internal combustion engines by 2.1-8.4 %,
  • internal combustion engines power by 1.7-6.7 %,
  • increases internal combustion engines motor potential by 15-35 thousand km,
  • reduces fuel consumption in all range of loadings by 1-2 g/kilowatt/h,
  • reduces oil consumption waste by 15-25 %,
  • reduces the crankcase fumes break up to 4 l/min,
  • reduces gas pressure in the crankcase by 1-2 H2O mm (water col.),
  • restores productivity of compressors, pumps and hydraulic boosters,
  • prolongs bearings and reducers resource,
  • improves anti-friction properties of motor oil by 12 %,
  • improves wear-preventive properties by 23 %,
  • increases alkali neutralization number of motor oil by 3.6 %,
  • reduces the contents of wear products in oil by a factor of 20-80,
  • reduces CO contents in automobile exhaust gases by 5-42 %.