Corrosion-resistant materials and protective coatings

Antifriction and anti-wear additive for motor oils - NIKMA

NIKMA is recommended for application in diesel and carburettor internal combustion engines, compressors, hydraulic boosters, pumps, reducers, bearings. It is the most expedient to apply it in the worn out and heavily worn out units and devices.


Molds and formworks lubricants for forming monolithic and precast concrete MIXBIOFORM

The lubricants are designed for application on molds and formwork surfaces for forming monolithic and precast concrete to reduce the concrete adhesion to molds and formworks material and provide a qualitative striking.


Corrosion-proof agent (rustconverter) - SUPERANTICOR

The product is intended for corrosion-affected steel surfaces treatment. Corrosion-proof agent is applied as temporal protection before drawing of paint and varnish coverings.