Sodium salt of cellulose sulphoacetate


Superhydrophilic water-soluble cellulose derivative may be used as a thickener, binder, modifying additive for production of tablets, granules, ointments, gels, creams, hair styling products, modified sorbents and coagulants for water treatment.


Sodium salt of cellulose sulphoacetate is produced in the form of a powder or transparent colorless plates of arbitrary shape.
This drug has the following properties and characteristics:
  • humidity - not more than 12%
  • solubility in water - 100%
  • maximum concentration of a polymer in an aqueous solution - mass. > 50%
  • pH value of 1% aqueous solution - pH 4.5 - 7.2
  • very high solubility in water – (up to 50%)
  • compatibility with other water-soluble polymers in the solution
  • easy preparation of superconcentrated solutions that reveal the properties of gastrointestinal systems
  • non-toxic for humans and animals (LD50 was not determined), does not have cumulation effect
  • does not have mutagenic, skin-irritating, skin-resorptive or allergic effects
  • does not cause side effects leading to restriction of its use as a pharmaceutical component of drugs
No foreign analogues


The pharmaceutical industry, perfumery and cosmetics industry, chemical industry

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