Peroxide - catalysis set to cleanse and disinfect colourless contact lenses

  Purpose and field of application

  Peroxide - catalysis set is used for cleansing, storage and disinfection of contact lenses and is suitable for use with all
  types of soft contact lenses, except for colored ones.

   Principle of functioning

   The peroxide - catalysis set consists of catalyst pad representing a ceramic disk of 9 mm in diameter covered with
   platinum, and peroxide-salt solution of 0.88 % NaCl in 3 % solution of hydrogen peroxide. After immersing lenses in
   peroxide-salt solution they are exposed to antiseptic and clearing action of hydrogen peroxide. Simultaneously, under
   the influence of the catalyst decomposition of hydrogen peroxide with allocation of the atomic oxygen possessing high
   antiseptic and clearing properties begins. The specified reaction occurs within 4.5-6 hours depending on a degree of
deterioration of the catalyst. After above-stated time in the container there is the ordinary physiological solution of 0.9% NaCl used for storage of contact lenses.

  • In the solution (and accordingly on lenses) after the end of the catalyst reactions there are no traces of any chemical substances that are usually present in ordinary systems for lenses cleansing (enzymes, antiseptics, etc.), that is of crucial importance for patients easily affected by general and local allergic reactions;
  • At the moment of putting a lens on it seems as they are oversaturated with oxygen that creates subjective feeling of their special softness and facilitates accustoming to lenses by patients with high sensitivity;
  • The way of lenses cleansing is an one-stage and extremely simple process. The patient only once a month needs to change the catalyst disk at the bottom of the container and daily fill the container with fresh solution;
  • Due to high antiseptic and clearing activity of this method there is no necessity to use other means in addition.
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The registration certificate of the Ministry of Health Care of RB № 08-33-24876 issued on July, 8, 1996. TU RB (technical specifications) № 05568283.07-96