Ointment antiviral agent - BUTAMINOFEN



  Preparation for treatment of acute and recurrent forms of herpes caused by 1 and 2 serotype herpes
  simplex viruses

  The effective anti-virus preparation on the basis of aminophenol, is not a nucleoside preparation and
  possesses other mechanism of action, is effective concerning thymidine kinase-deficiency virus


  • Lower price in comparison with foreign analogues
  • Efficiency of action of the preparation is not lower than efficiency of existing best foriegn analogues, thus it has additional high efficiency concerning thymidine kinase-deficiency virus strains, both existing in the nature, and arising during the process of treatment
  • Technological processes of manufacture of the substance and ointment are ecologically safe
  • The "know-how" of the substance of the preparation is simple in performance and is carried out with a high general output (more than 80 %)


Foreign analogues
Not worse the best foreign analogue Acyclovir (England) also works better than Acyclovir.

Forms of cooperation
Industrial production

Copyright protection
  • Patents of the Republic of Belarus № 6503 and № 6594 (with a priority from 2000.10.25) are received
  • Certificate for ''Butaminofen Ointment, 2 %'' № 02/01/941
  • The given medication also possesses anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and haemostatic action. Recently a new virus strain of herpes, resistant to ''Acyclovir'' has evolved. Our medication does not cause such resistance.
  • 10 times cheaper than foreign analogues