Enterosorbent on the base of the hydrogel - Diasorb GEL

Eurasian patent № 006297

Diasorb gel is thecomplex enterosorbent on the base of modified microcrystal cellulose for use in acute food poisoning by various toxins, drugs, narcotics, alcohol and in case of chronic disease of liver, kinder gastrointestinal tract, in case of allergic and skin diseases.

Acute and chronic liver disease, chronic cholestatict oxicoallergic, cholestatic form of viral hepatitis B, cirrhosis, inflammatory diseases of the bile-excreting tract, acute pancreatitis and pancreatic necrosis, dyspepsia, dysentery intoxication, salmonellosis, meteorism, poisoning by chemicals, drugs (including alkaloids salts of heavy metals), acute lobar pneumonia, sepsis, acute toxic encephalopathy, allergic diseases.

- new generation of universal complex enterosorbent;
- has a stimulating effect on the repative and trophic processes of the gastrointestinal tract;
- decreases the probability of xenobiotic poisoning;
- has the enveloping effect and does not irritate mucous coat of gastrointestinal tract

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