Finished dosage forms

Antineoplastic medical product CISPLACEL

Pharmaceutical substance to make drugs with Cisplatin as an active agent. The medical product CISPLACEL has a combined effect on the basis of cellulose oxidation and is aimed at local chemotherapy of brain malignant growth including growths in head and neck area.


Ointment antiviral agent - BUTAMINOFEN

The agent may be used for treatment of acute and recurrent forms of herpes caused by 1 and 2 serotype herpes simplex viruses.


Repellent cream “Narach Coast” for schistosome cercarial dermatitis prevention

Preventive repellent cream “Narach Coast" is used for protection against schistosome cercarial dermatitis.


Enterosorbent on the base of the hydrogel - Diasorb GEL

Diasorb gel is thecomplex enterosorbent on the base of modified microcrystal cellulose for use in acute food poisoning by various toxins, drugs, narcotics, alcohol and in case of chronic disease of liver, kinder gastrointestinal tract, in case of allergic and skin diseases.


Medicinal agent for oral lavage of gastrointestinal tract FORVAX

Medicinal agent intended for oral lavage (cleaning) of gastrointestinal tract.