Test-system to detect trace amount of explosives: trotyl, tetryl, denitrotoluene, cyclonite, octogene and nitroglycerin

The test-system is designed for prior detection of explosives in field conditions. It is used to detect explosives by law enforcement officers fighting against terrorism, illegal rotation of explosives and crime in the process of carrying out operational investigative activities in at border crossing points, airports, transport, in cargo rotation places, post offices and in any place where quick and reliable control of suspicious objects is required.

  • The test system enables to determine trace amount of all forms of explosives produced by industry (trotyl, tetryl, denitrotoluene, cyclonite, octogene and nitroglycerin) being in solid or liquid condition.
  • The test system is represented by a transparent, flexible reaction case with three ampoules which contain reagents. After introducing a substance under the analysis into the case, the upper ampoule is crashed by pressing the case.
  • When the explosive substance contacts the reagent which contains in the upper crashed ampoule (the 1st ampoule) (1-ая ампула),the solution is colored with the color which must be marched with one in the table
  • After the second ampoule has been crashed the solution becomes colorless and in some time has a color shade with which each explosive is characterized
  • After crashing the third ampoule octogene, cyclonite and nitroglycerin can be detected.
  • The appearance of the above-mentioned coloring of reagents in case of contact with the substance under analysis enables to make prior conclusions about the nature of the explosive.
  • Final conclusion is made in expert- criminalist laboratory
  • Ministry of Home Affairs
  • State Customs Committee
  • State Committee of Border Troops
  • KGB