Test - system to detect narcotic and psychotropic substances


Serves for preliminary detection of narcotic and psychotropic substances in field conditions by operative employees of law enforcement agencies

  • The system set contains twelve test - systems for detection of narcotic and psychotropic substances (the general test for detection of drugs, tests for detection of opioid and cannabioid narcotics, amphetamine, cocaine, metadone, LSD, barbiturates, diazepam, pentazocine, methaqualon), allows detection of about 60 drugs.
  • The test for a certain drug represents a transparent reactionary case with the ampoules containing reagents, at contact with which narcotics cause painting of the solution, characteristic for the given drug.
  • Use of a plastic transparent, flexible, tight reactionary case allows safe destroying of an ampoule with detecting solution and easy visualization of a reaction of a narcotic with it. Thus the minimum quantity of a reagent (0,3 ml) and a minimum quantity of a narcotic (up to 1,0 mg) is used.
  • Time of the analysis of a detected sample is from 1 to 10 minutes.

Customs bodies, Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Foreign analogues
Narkotest - Russia

Condition of production
Small-scale manufacture

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Advantage - characterized by low cost, simplicity, safety and the speed of performance of the analysis in field conditions. It also does not demand high qualification of employees.