Test for anthocyanins detection in juices and wines


The Test System was designed for preliminary detection of forged red wines, wine materials and juices produced with illicit synthetic coloring agents and for wines and juices quality assessment.


The Test enables to determine presence (or absence) of the following synthetic coloring agents:
  • azаburine
  • tartrazin
  • ponceau 4R
  • allura red AC
  • indigo carmamine

The “Test System consists of transparent reactionary case with colored scale and an ampoule with a reagent after engagement with which the wine changes its color from red to blue or olive green. The color shift to dark blue or olive green indicates good quality of wine. Absence of color shift is an evidence of presence of synthetic coloring agents.

An illustrative example of the test:

Figure A represents the initial colors of wines, Figure B is the colors of wines after engagement with reagents. Wines №1 and №2 are forged, as they contain azaburine.

Product quality system certificate: ТУ ВY 100235722.196-2009.


Food industry, Criminal Expertise bodies


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