Diagnostic reagents and kits

Preparations of pectolite ferments of Matseraza А bacillus and Matseraza С bacillus

Complex fermental preparations effectively macerate tissues of plants and are also applied to receive separate cells and protoplasts, replacing the known analogues produced by foreign companies. In case of necessity macerating preparations can be delivered together with cellulolytic ferments.


Test for anthocyanins detection in juices and wines

The Test System was designed for preliminary detection of forged red wines, wine materials and juices produced with illicit synthetic coloring agents and for wines and juices quality assessment. It enables to determine presence (or absence) of synthetic coloring agents, such as azаburine, tartrazin, ponceau 4R, allura red AC and indigo carmamine.


Test - system to detect narcotic and psychotropic substances

Trst system serves for preliminary detection of narcotic and psychotropic substances in field conditions by operative employees of law enforcement agencies.


Test-system to detect trace amount of explosives: trotyl, tetryl, denitrotoluene, cyclonite, octogene and nitroglycerin

The test-system is designed for prior detection of explosives in field conditions. It is used to detect explosives by law enforcement officers fighting against terrorism, illegal rotation of explosives and crime in the process of carrying out operational investigative activities in at border crossing points, airports, transport, in cargo rotation places, post offices and in any place where quick and reliable control of suspicious objects is required.