Equipment and food industry facilities disinfectant NAVISAN-1


The product is designed for complex “cool disinfection of equipment and food industry facilities, amenity rooms, living quarters, vehicles. It is known for high bactericide activity with relation to gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria including the groups of coliform bacteria, staphylococci, streptococci, salmonellae, yeasts, mold fungi , tuberculosis microbacteria.


Appearance Transparent colorless liquid
Density at 20 ºС, g/ cm3 1,110–1,120
рН 0,85–1,20
Hydrogen peroxide weight fraction % 20,0–25,0
Work solution concentration, % 0,1–1,0
Exposure time, min 5–20
Operating temperature, ºС 1–25

  • No microorganism resistance to the disinfectant
  • No need in washing from the surfaces (decomposes into water, «active oxygen , lactic acid)
  • Availability of reused and waste waters disinfection
  • Recommended for aerosol (volumetric) disinfection with the help of “cold fog device
Range of application
  • agriculture
  • food industry
  • beef and dairy industry
  • mechanical transport
  • communal services
  • household sphere
Form of cooperation
  • Finished product sale
  • Sale of licenses and technological documentation to manufacture the disinfectant

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