Regulator of agricultural crops growth MaxImmun


The biological fertilizer MaxImmun provides yield increase in agricultural plants by strengthening their ability to form induced systemic resistance to phytopathogens and abiotic stress factors, diseases, low temperatures, drought, etc.


The preparation MaxImmun is based on inactivated rhizospheric bacteria and their metabolites, which contribute to the formation of ISR-type system resistance in plants.
In the Republic of Belarus, the preparation is approved for use as a growth regulator for the following plants:
  • Cucumber in sheltered ground – increase of resistance to powdery mildew (biological efficiency reaches 56.3%), yield increase by 4.7%.
  • Bulb onions – increase of resistance to peronosporosis by 56.0–71.4%, yield increase by 55.5%.

The preparation has been approved by the Republican unitary enterprise “Scientific Practical Centre of Hygiene for use as a plant growth stimulator and adaptogen in agricultural enterprises and in personal subsidiary plots in accordance with the application instructions.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Do not have a waiting period
  • Safe for humans, animals, fish and bees (hazard class 4 – low-hazard substances)
  • Interval of treated areas re-entry is not regulated
  • Rationing of the preparation content in food products is not required