Ecological organo-mineral fertilizer LIKAFOS


A unique complex organo-mineral fertilizer LIKAFOS is intended for improvement of plant nutrition, yield increase and enhancement of soil quality indicators.


The basis of the fertilizer is the waste of large-tonnage production, such as hydrolytic lignin (sorbent Lignosorb) and a precipitation bath solution (a mixture of potassium mono- and dihydrogen phosphate).

The fertilizer can be produced in the form of granules or powder, packaged in a special biodegradable, fully water-soluble film. The roots or seeds of plants can be wrapped into the film before planting. This method increases the resistance of seedlings to moisture and temperature changes. Additionally, nutrients and microelements can be introduced into the film for continuous feeding of plants. The films can be made of any size and purpose, both for feeding pot flowers or greenhouse plants.

The application of the fertilizer LIKAFOS on winter, spring, grain crops and maize in sod-podzol soils showed an increase of almost all indicators (yield, content of raw protein in the grain, vegetable gelatin, greenery index and baking flour power) as compared to standard fertilizers.
The introduction of the fertilizer while preparation of a seedling substrate for tomatoes in greenhouses contributed to a yield increase (the first and second rotations) and improvement of quality indicators (solid matter content, soluble carbohydrates and carotene).
The lignin contained in the fertilizer recreates the structure of the fertile soil, creates a prolongation effect by retaining water and salts, saturates the soil with essential organic substances, humus, humic acids, and minerals. Also, it is highly resistant to microbiological and oxidative degradation.

The fertilizer was tested at the Republican Unitary Enterprise “Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Belarusian State Agricultural Academy.

  • greater efficiency as compared to standard fertilizers (ammonium superphosphate and potassium monophosphate);
  • 3 times acceleration of seed germination;
  • 2.5 times yield increase;
  • significant improvement of soil quality;
  • low periodicity of soil fertilization;
  • convenient dosing of the fertilizer.