Polyelectrolyte hydrocarbon gel for seeds incrustation GISINAR

Grain-crops seeds incrustation is indented (winter rye, spring wheat, spring barley, oats) to efficiently increase crop capacity at unfavorable weather conditions and to provide optimal air and inorganic nutrition of agricultural plants.


Bio-preparation for plants' complex protection AURIN

Aurin can be used for protection of agricultural plants from diseases of various etiology. Aurin is aimed to resist root rot, ascochyta-leaf spot, oidium, botritis disease, white rot, cladosporiosis, downy mildew. It accelerates the growth of agricultural plants.


Biological agent on the basis of risosphere bacteria of Pseudomonas type, stimulating plants growth and development - STIMUL

The Biological agent "Stimul" is a suspension of living cells of bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens S-32 and the products of their metabolism. The Biological agent "Stimul can not only stimulate plants growth and development but also suppress the development of a number of infections of plants of bacteria and fungi etiology. The use of the given agent enables to increase agricultural crops yielding capacity and their resistance to ambient environment unfavorable factors (immunity of plants).


Universal concentrated complex mineral-organic micronutrient BELMIC

BELMIC is a universal concentrated mineral-organic complex micronutrient used to stimulate the growth and development of rape, increase of resistance to diseases and adverse factors, raising the level of crop yield and quality of oilseed production.


Environmentally safe preparation for pre-harvest rape treatment GRIPIL

The preparation is designed for pre-harvest rape treatment as it promotes uniform seeds ripening, reduces the moisture content of the seeds and pods cracking, increases seed oil content.


Complex microbial preparation Zhytsen for decomposition of stubble and straw, suppression of pathogenic organisms and tillage

The preparation Zhytsen is used for decomposition of stubble and straw, suppression of pathogenic organisms and tillage