synthetic insect pheromone for entomonitiring and pest control in forests, gardens and parks

  • Plant protection
  • Entomonitoring and destructive insects combating
  • Pheromone traps in forestry to carry out entomonitoring and forest control by placing artificial sources of pheromones (dispensers) in special traps
Pheromone preparations are characterized with high selectiveness of action, low toxicity, and low concentrations of active agent which makes them environmentally friendly protectors of plants. An insect gathering is carried out by placing artificial sources of pheromones (dispensers) in special traps. Depending on the species of an insect and the challenge met (monitoring, mass capture of pests) the traps counting from 1 trap per 50-100 ha to 5-7 traps per 1 ha are used. Certificated by Sate Chemical Commission of Republic of Belarus:
  • Ipsvabol-D and Ipsvabol-Т - eight-dentated bark beetle
  • Linvabox-GM - gypsy moth
  • Linvabox-М – nun moth
Sawfly, fox-colored sawfly and pine moth combating tests are carried out.

Research works with winter moth, pea-green oak twist, winter pine-shoot moth, summer pine-shoot moth, pine beauty moth are in progress.

The cost of home-made pheromone preparations is 1,2-2 times lower than that of foreign analogues having the same efficiency of their biological effect.

  • Forestry
  • Agriculture

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  • By-request pheromones development