Functional foods

Bakery gluten-free compositions

Gluten-free compositions of the series «Vita» is a special-purpose flour aimed at both industrial application when making bakery and confectionary and baking at home conditions with low protein to feed patients with proteometabolism disorders (phenylketonuria). The compositions are prepared for sick people, especially children with protein metabolism disorders.


Functional foods of herodietic specialization: complex enrichment mixtures Daŭhaĺieccie (Longevity)

Daŭhaĺieccie is complex enrichment mixtures intended for production of functional food (bakery and enriched flour) for elderly people. The products based on complex enrichment mixtures Daŭhaĺieccie posses balanced vitamin-mineral and dietary fibers composition and have preventive general health-improving effect. They favour the prevention of untimely senility, prevent cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal tract abnormalities.


Mixtures for the production of enriched dietary macaroni foods for children and adults with protein metabolism dysfunction

Food industry, macaroni foods production.
Low-phenylalanine mixture “Dobrovita and gluten-free mixture “Celivita are designed for production of dietary enriched macaroni foods for preventive nutrition of patients suffering from celiac disease and phenylketonuria.


Complex enrichment mixtures for production of functional food for elderly people

The mixtures are intended for production of functional food (bakery, meat, soft drinks, etc.) for elderly people


Functional additives series Veda

Functional additives series Veda are used for production of diabetic bakery products for people with glucose metabolism impairment.


Preventive alimentary phytosalts UNIVERSUM with reduced NaCl content

UNIVERSUM phytosalts (“Aroma, “Tonus, “Energo, “Plus) with reduced content of sodium chloride are intended for replacement of regular table salt in food production, for cooking and finishing salting in health-care institutions, public catering and housekeeping. It is clinically proven that the use of the line of UNIVERSUM phytosalts has a general preventive effect, contributes to the prevention of risks of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases in population.