Research Laboratory of Landscape Ecology

Head of the laboratory - Valentin Yatsuhno
Senior researcher - Alexander Demidov
  • Address: 220030, Minsk, 16 Lieninhradskaja str.
  • Tel.: (+ 375-17) 209-54-89
  • E-mail: ecoLand@bsu.by
Official website of laboratory (Russian version)


The main purpose of the laboratory is to conduct research in the field of applied landscape-ecology, soil and environmental monitoring, territorial organization of landscapes.
Also, the laboratory’s activities are aimed at the integration of the educational process and science by involvement of professors, doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduates, students of I and II levels of higher education into research, and involvement of full-time employees and research laboratory equipment into the educational process.

Scope of accreditation

Sampling of surface water, underground water, bottom deposits, soil and wastes.

Environmental services of the laboratory:
  • Development of EIA, CCA sections of the project documentation;
  • Assessment of environmental objects’ state (soil, surface and ground water), including the process of construction of new facilities, fuel filling stations, etc.;
  • Performing of hydroecological reasoning for building of new facilities;
  • Reasoning of the establishment or liquidation of specially protected natural reservation;
  • Development of documents on treatment of industrial waste;
  • Development of ecological passports (for enterprises, projects, landfill);
  • Inventory of green plantations;
  • Determination of the amount of compensation fees for adverse effects on wildlife resources.
  • Other types of environmental services (including consultations, seminars, lectures).