Office for fuels and chemical products certification of Research Institute for Physical-Chemical Problems

Head of Research and Certification Sector - Yuri Maksimuk
  • Address: 220030, Minsk, Lieninhradskaja, 14 str., room. 406
  • Tel: (+375-17) 209-51-91
  • Fax: (+375-17)-209-51-92, 226-46-96
  • E-mail: maksimuk@bsu.by
Official website of laboratory (Russian version)

Certification authority accreditation certificate

Registration number: BY/112 100.01 from 27.12.2012. Valid until 27/12/2015

The certification body is included in the Unified Register of certification bodies and testing laboratories (centers) of the Customs Union

Performs registration of declarations (declaration) and certification of fuel and energy and chemical industry

Scope of accreditation
  • granules (pellets) fuel, including wooden;
  • fuel including wood, peat;
  • unleaded petrol;
  • aviation gasoline;
  • diesel fuel;
  • fatty acid methyl esters (FAME, biodiesel);
  • marine fuels;
  • fuel oil;
  • rapeseed oil for technical purposes, including for biofuel;
  • fuel ethanol (bioethanol);
  • motor oils;
  • transmission oils.
Technical regulations (TR) on products

► Technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 013/2011 "On requirements for automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuel, jet fuel and heating oil";

► Standards (GOST, STB, GOST-R).