Technology of electrochemical sedimentation of nickel-boron alloy on various products instead of gold, silver, palladium, chrome, nickel

Drawing of protective, functional Ni-B coating on various metal surfaces: copper, brass, beryllium bronze, kovar, steel, tungsten, aluminum and its alloys, etc. The technology is based on use of process of electrochemical sedimentation of the two-componential alloy characterized by low transitive resistance, increased hardness, wear resistance, corrosion stability, good weldability by ultrasound and soldering-ability.


The technology of electrochemical deposition of coatings nickel-boron, cobalt -boron, nickel-cobalt-boron and boron-containing composition for solutions

Obtaining of functional coatings based on the alloys Ni-B, Co-B and Ni-Co-B, used in manufacture of multipurpose articles instead of gold, silver, palladium and chrome: PC boards, PC board segments, contacts, grabbers, sub-orifice refrigerators, fiber glass filaments, laser and converter articles and others with use of new boron containing composition.