Technology of microwave soil sterilization

The offered technology may be applied for sterilization of soil in small-scale hothouses.

  • Application of microwave energy allows sterilizing soil and mineral substrata used in hothouses in the process of cultivation tomatoes, cucumbers, flowers; fighting with soil infection, increasing energy of seeds germination.
  • The technology of microwave sterilization is based on volumetric dielectric heating and characterized by high efficiency of sterilization and high productivity. Compactness, mobility, high efficiency of sterilizations, profitability.
  • The equipment for sterilization of soil and mineral substrata consists of the heating chamber, sources of microwave energy and the control device. The heating chamber is designed in the form of a rectangular microwave resonator with useful volume of 4,8 cubic meters. Magnetrons are used as sources of microwave energy.
  • The control device provides the set operating mode of the equipment.
  • Safety of operation is provided with an original design of the heating chamber and system of blocking.
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Electric field energy; small-scale technology; artificial soils; hothouses; microwave - technologies;

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