Biotechnology of receiving of the hypoallergenic dairy foods


The technology to obtain partial hydrolyzate of lactoserum proteins is intended for the production of hypoallergenic milk food for children, specialized nutrition for elderly people and athletes. Using a partial hydrolyzate of lactoserum proteins provides lower incidence of food allergies with children to milk proteins, which currently stands at 7%.


Raw materials:
• lactoserum, which is a waste product in at a number of the dairy industry enterprises.
• proteolytic enzymes (mushroom)

The resulting partial hydrolyzate of lactoserum proteins has minimal allergenic properties.
The product is not inferior to foreign analogues.
To put the production into operation the equipment which is widely used in the production of dairy products is necessary..
Technology of production belongs to the category of environmentally friendly processes


The dairy industry, production of children's and special dairy nutrition


Joint production, sale of the technology