Agriculture, food and processing industry

Biotechnology of receiving of the hypoallergenic dairy foods

Technology for obtaining partial hydrolyzate of lactoserum proteins is intended for the production of hypoallergenic milk food for children, specialized nutrition for elderly people and athletes. Using a partial hydrolyzate of lactoserum proteins provides lower incidence of food allergies with children to milk proteins, which currently stands at 7%.


Technology of microwave soil sterilization

Application of microwave energy allows sterilizing soil and mineral substrata used in hothouses in the process of cultivation tomatoes, cucumbers, flowers; fighting with soil infection, increasing energy of seeds germination. The technology of microwave sterilization is based on volumetric dielectric heating and characterized by high efficiency of sterilization, high productivity, compactness, mobility, high efficiency of sterilizations and profitability.


Microwave pre-seeding treatment of vegetable, grain crops flax, conifer

The technology is based upon informational impact of low-power level microwave energy on biological objects. This impact increases the germination energy and plants immunity. The application of the given technology to pre-seeding treatment increments yield by 10-12%. Microwave technology enables to eliminate seed infection, increase germination, enlarge plants photo-synthesizing apparatus, promoting their faster growth and increasing vegetable crops yield


Biodegradable fibrous casing based on cellulose and chitosan

Fibrous reinforced casing based on natural renewable raw material, such as cellulose and chitosan, are biodegradable, so it does not pollute the environment


Edible biodegradable films

Edible food films can be used for packaging of meat products, chopped fruits and vegetables, cereals, sweets, cakes, nuts, seeds, spices, etc.


Technology of pre-sowing treatment of maize seeds by electromagnetic field of microwave range

The technology is intended for pre-sowing treatment of maize seeds by electromagnetic field of a particular microwave range (SHF EMF) for a certain period of time for improvement of maize germination, disease resistance and yield.