Technology of production of ophthalmic drug LAKEMOX

The drug can be used for production of medicines for treatment of ophthalmic diseases.
LAKEMOX has a combined therapeutic effect and provides treatment of corneal-conjunctival epitheliopathy and “dry eye syndrome.


The development is a brand-new combined medication created via immobilization of emoxipine on hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, that allows to prolong the antioxidant effect of the active substance and ensures long tear substitution.

The 1st and the 2nd phases of clinical trials confirmed the safety of long-term use of the drug LAKEMOX.
Production of the drug is environmentally friendly.

Size, weight: the weight is not less than 5.0 g in a vial of 5 g and not less than 10.0 g in a vial of 10 g.
Foreign analogues: “Natural Tear II (manufactured by “Alcon, Belgium).
The drug LAKEMOX has prolonged viscoelastic and cytoprotective properties and is superior to the drug "Natural Tear II by objective indicators, such as Norn tear film breakup time and Shirman total and basal tear production.

R&D Protection: Patent for invention of the Republic of Belarus № 12147 from 21.04.2009


Medicine, Ophthalmology

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