Cardiotropic pharmacological action of substance NITARGALUM

  Used to produce drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It possesses a combined vasodilator,
  cardiotropic and antiplatelet actions


  Novel pharmaceutical substance based on a modified starch, belonging to a class of organic nitrates.


   • new generation universal complex ;
   • improves the rheological properties of blood;
   • helps to reduce the frequency of cardiac angina attacks and their duration;
   • increases the volumetric rate of coronary flow by 14.6%;
                                    • inhibits the rate of ADP-induced platelet aggregation, inhibits factors internal path of blood clotting;
                                    • less toxic compared with nitroglycerin and isosorbide dinitrate;
                                    • the effectiveness of anti-anginal action ranks over of that of isosorbide dinitrate.

Production condition
Registration certificate №10/02/1702 от 16.02.2010.

The scheme of synthesis of the pharmaceutical substance NITARGAL has been developed at by the Research Institute of Physical and Chemical Problems, BSU.

Organization of the manufacturer: Unitechprom BSU

Presentation: Powder packed by 0.1 kg into jars of dark glass.

Expiration date makes 36 months.

Range of application
Medicine, cardiology

Form of cooperation
  • Sale of finished product
  • Sale of the technology