Reagents and medicaments, biotechnologies

Medical products on the basis of modified polysaccharides (napkins, ointments, injections): technology of their manufacturing

Manufacturing of napkins, ointments, powders and injections for external and implantation applications. The basis of medical preparations is the oxidized cellulose containing immobilized on it antibiotics, immune-stimulants, ferments. Preparations are intended for stopping bleeding, treatment of pyoinflammatory processes of skin, soft tissues and mucous membranes, speeding of healing processes, treatment of cardiovascular and oncological diseases.


Technological process of production of growth additives for microbiological nutrient media (5 compositions)

Production of nutrient media for microbiological productions, analytical laboratories of public health, agriculture, food and pharmaceutical industries.


Technology of production of ophthalmic drug LAKEMOX

The drug can be used for production of medicines for treatment of ophthalmic diseases.


Cardiotropic pharmacological action of substance NITARGALUM

Novel pharmaceutical substance based on a modified starch, belonging to a class of organic nitrates. NITARGALUM can be used to produce drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It possesses a combined vasodilator, cardiotropic and antiplatelet actions.


Technology of production of hepatoprotective flavolignans such as silibinin, silydianin and silychristine from Silybum

Technology for producing fruits of milk thistle hepatoprotective flavolignanov: silibinin, silydianin and silychristin


Technological process of production of fosfocreatine and a finished dosage form on its basis

A new biotechnology of fosfocreatine substance production which involves the use of immobilized enzymes