Technological Innovation for the Regenerated Cellulose Fibres Production without Using Carbon Disulfide


1. Republic of Belarus Patent BY 7401 (B01F7/24).
2. Republic of Belarus Patent BY 7402 (B29C47/10).
3. USSR Inventors Certificate 1348396, MKU C 08 B 1/00

Production of regenerated cellulose fibres and new biconstitutional fibres, particularly self-extinguising and bacteriostatic ones.

Application domains:
Man-made fibres industry (the creation of the new production facilities and the modernization of the operating viscose plants).

Development stage:
Experimental-industrial regenerated cellulose fibreproduction without using carbon disulfide with the 10 kg/day throughput and the pilot installation for the regenerated cellulose fibres and biconstitutional fibresproduction.

Scientific and technical description:

New engineering procedure for the regenerated cellulose fibres and biconstitutional fibresproduction exclusive of carbon disulfide has been created. It is based on the usage of the orthophosphoric acid as a solvent for cellulose;
the versatile pilot installation for the spinning of the fibres from the polymer solutions has been developed;
the pilot installation has passed the stage of scaling in 100 times and the experimental-industrial installation with the throughput of 10 kg per day has been developed;
physical and mechanical characteristics of the fibre: breaking strength 22-30 sN/tex, elongation 10-25 %, modulus of elasticity 600-1200 sN/tex; oxygen index of biconstitutional fibresis 28 – 57 % subject to the composition of the fibre;
new procedure for the manufacture of the regenerated cellulose fibres production is ecologically safe and self-contained as opposed to the operating ones. It allows reducing water consumption more than 100 times and eliminating the gaseous atmospheric emissions in full.

Appropriate forms of cooperation:
Sale of licenses and the creation of the industrial production.