Multi-purpose low-combustible heat-insulting composite material based on polyurethane foam


Low-combustible foam polyurethane can be used as a constituent element of sandwich panels of different purpose for warmth-keeping and prevention of fire spread all over technological communications of buildings.
The product was designed for construction of warehouses, commercial and industrial facilities, sport complexes, garages, etc.


Physical and chemical indicators of fire-resistance on condition that all the operational properties are maintained:

Density in the form, kg/m3 55-80
Thermal conductivity coefficient, W/m∙K 0.025-0.033
Compressive strength, MPa 0.16-0.2
Combustibility group low-combustible

  • The material provides improved fire-resistance of structures compared to foreign analogues.
  • It can be used as a constituent element for manufacture of structural products of various purposes, for heat insulation or passive and active prevention of fire spread.


Agriculture, Veterinary

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