Metalloptics elements for laser physics and optoelectronics


Metalloptics elements are used as resonator mirrors of powerful lasers, in video surveillance systems, rasters, as a heat sinks in optoelectronic devices and substrates for nanotechnology application


The main advantages of the product:
  • high quality of the optical surface
  • high mechanical and radiation strength
  • broad functionality
  • the possibility to combine the elements of the heat sink and mirror optics in a single product
Metalloptics elements melted from non-ferrous metals and alloys, and have different configurations. In the production process the desires of the customer are taken into account too. The basic element has the following characteristics:

Size diameter up to 500 mm
Weight up to 50 kg
Thickness up to a mm
Surface roughness on the level of 4 nm

When working with lasers one must operate in compliance with the requirements of laser safety.


Optoelectronics, laser technology, nanotechnology

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