Physics and Chemistry

Technological Innovation for the Regenerated Cellulose Fibres Production without Using Carbon Disulfide

Technology for carbon-bisulphide free production of hydrocellulose and new types of structurally mixed fibers, in particular self-extinguishing and bacteriostatic ones. This method of production is based on the use of ortho-phosphoric acid as a cellulose solvent and represents an environmentally safe cycle.


Technology of stator winding removal with hydrolytic method

An original composition and technology of its application used for hydrolytic dismounting of electric motor winding.


Multi-purpose low-combustible heat-insulting composite material based on polyurethane foam

Low-combustible foam polyurethane can be used as a constituent element of sandwich panels of different purpose for warmth-keeping and prevention of fire spread all over technological communications of buildings.


Metalloptics elements for laser physics and optoelectronics

Metalloptics elements used in laser physics and optoelectronics


New phosphate binding compositions (PBC)

Using of PBC allowed to create a wide range of thermostable materials with broad operating temperatures up to 1700 ºС