Diesel biofuel (on the basis of rapeseed oil) - the technology of diesel fuel production from vegetable oils

   The technology is designed to produce ecologically safe fuel for diesel engines from
   renewable source of raw material such as rapeseed. Biofuels can be used in all types of
   diesel engines.

    Production of mixed diesel biofuel presuppose addition of biofuel into diesel fuel in amount
    of 5–50% without diesel engines modifying.

   Production features
   A continuous cycle of the production process has been achieved

The main quality indicators of the biofuel obtained:
Cetane number not less than 47
Kinematic viscosity at 20 ° C, mm2/s 7.1
Chill temperature, °С not more than 38
Cloud temperature, °С not more than not more than 5
Flash temperature in a closed crucible, ° C not lower than 138
Calorific value, kJ / kg 39670
Concentration of resins, mg per 100 cm3 of fuel not more than 39.5
Acidity, mg KOH per 100 cm3 of fuel not more than 5
Ash content, % not more than 0.04
Filterability coefficient not more than 3
Density at 20 ° C, kg / m3 not more than 880
Mechanical impurities no
Water content,% no
Sulfur content,% no

Sourse materials
  • rapeseed oil (as well as other oils)
  • methanol
  • catalyst
Basic characteristics of fuel:
Density at 20°С, kg / m3 886
Heating value, J/g 39670 ± 4,5
Flash temperature, °С 138

Advantages of technology:
  • Renewed raw material - rape for basic component production
  • Valuable associated products:
  • solid fuel
  • oilcake to prepare forages
  • technical soap
  • glycerin
  • Low amount of sewage, absence of gaseous emissions
  • An opportunity to organize small-scale plants directly in places of diesel biofuel consumption
  • Absence of oxides of sulfur and solid particles in exhaust gases
  • Fuel is biodegradable
  • Corresponds to all requirements to diesel fuels of oil origin
In the Republic of Belarus there is local raw material for diesel biofuel production
Together with UC ''Unitechprom BSU'' and JSC ''Grodnobioproduct''(Skidel, Grodno region) some attmepts have been made to organize the production of non-polluting kinds of fuel. Polish - German engeneering enterprise ''Wiedemann Polska'' produces the equipment for such kind of production. On the basis of JSC ''Novoyelniansky mezhrayagrosnab'' (Novoyelnia, Grodno region) for the first time in Belarus a technological line to produce diesel biofuel from rapeseed oil has been assembled

Forms of cooperation:
• Sale of non-exclusive licenses for technology production
• Organization of production