High-pressure mixing-and-filling facility to manufacture products from foam polyurethane (TN series)

The product is designed to process all types of rigid, elastic , integral foam polyurethane systems and polyurethane glues with source components viscosity from 10 to 150000 mPa*s. with obtaining of products of any shape:
  • heat preserving manufactured article form rigid foam polyurethanes (semi-cylinders , segments , pipe branches, tee-joints, collapsible constructions for stop valves of oil heat-insulation pipelines, head and hot water conduits , utility networks
  • previously foam-polyurethane insulated plastic and steel pipes in polyethylene and metal waterproof coat
  • sandwich-type three-layer construction , wall panels, building heat-insulating plates, roofs
  • building molds
  • capacities, reservoirs , tanks, in refrigerators , cryogenic engineering and other industrial objects
  • parts from elastic foam polyurethane for noise-protecting shields in driver’s cabins
  • manufactured articles and parts of any sorts and types from rigid, elastic and integral foam polyurethanes

Automobile branch, furniture industry, communal services, aircraft industry, petrochemical industry


A: B components ratio makes from 7:1 to 1:7

The facility in base case includes:
  • Capacity for components (250 l, 2 pieces)
  • Thermostabilization unit
  • Dosing unit
  • Hydraulic drive station
  • Mixing facility
  • Control panel
Additional kitting
  • consumption tanks maximum level filling sensors with indication of the control panel
  • electric drive mixer form component B capacities
  • nozzles for automatic filling of the components in the capacity
  • pumps for automatic filling of the components in the capacity
  • system to pump air of component A in the capacity
  • back valves in components delivery lines
  • mixing facility with components recirculation
  • mixing facility for high-viscosity components (25000-50000 mPa s)
  • mixing facility with mixing chamber cleaning up along the channels A and B
  • mixing chamber and rotor
  • taring device
  • case with admission valve;
  • petal 1,2,3-digit or auger-type rotor
  • mixing chamber with cooling
  • anti-drop valve
  • mixing chamber manual emergency cleaning up
  • end seal for mixing facility
  • operation desk with shape-spread device to obtain all-models of cylinder-type filters
  • programmable memory for various-type filters with ability of choice without stopping the engineering procedure
  • device to count the number of fillings made
Specifications of the facilities in base case:

Model series of facilities Capacity, g/s
ТN-30 30-250 (70-520)
ТN-90 100-750 (200-1500)
ТN-180 200-1500 (400-3000)
ТN-270 300-2250 (600-4500)

Foreign analogues

Cannon (Italy), OMS(Italy), SAIP(Italy)

Delivery terms
  • Terms of payment- advanced payment 50%& 50% after acceptance tests on the base of RI of PCP named by A.N. Sevchenko
  • Contractor establishes equipment warranty within the period of 12 months from the moment of its delivery. The guarantee is invalid for the units and parts inoperative owing to the service operating requirements violation
  • Operational trainings to handle the mixing-and-filling facility will be carried out in the process of acceptance tests on the base of RI of PCP named by A.N. Sevchenko
  • Documentation: operating manual, passport
  • The equipment will be manufactured within 3-4 months from the moment the advanced payment has been credited to the Contractor accountant